Before I speak about twisted karma from my point of view, I would like to share what karma is based on sadghuru.


From the moment you were born till this moment, the kind of family, home, friends, the things that you did and did not do - all these things are influencing you. Every thought, emotion and action comes only from past impressions that you have had within you. They decide who you are right now. The very way you think, feel and understand life is just the way you have assimilated inputs.

The past impressions of life go far beyond the moment you were born, but in your perception right now, at least from the moment you were born till today, what kind of parents, family, and education you had, what kind of religious and social background, what kind of cultural realities - all these impressions have gone in. Someone has become a different character simply because of the type of information that has gotten into him. This is what is karma. This information is traditionally called karma or karmic body or causal body - that which causes life.

And now, I'm going to tell a story about Karma, as if a political strategy for our body and soul. As we know, usually, the word of karma appears during a very bad situation. the victim craving for revenge in a strong belief way, which is karma. So, let me just tell you story the other side of karma.

once upon a time, there's was a depressed soul, tired body, praying deeply to the universe, asking for karma to happen as the final solution, on the way to get healed. and then, the time clicking day by day, and months, or maybe years, but the karma never show up.

a depressed soul, became more weak, as well as the tired body. the clicking tik tok tik tok, day and night are unstoppable. and then, the magic trick just pop up. what magic, and why magic? the political of our body and soul, it's shortcut to get healed. just think about the good karma. I know its gonna be hard, but it is not impossible. be brave. think the opposite. and we can create our own twisted myth of karma, beautifully.

and as a parable, I'm transferring the karma method as if a lens camera method, and shot in a rough way, no need to think about sharp photo or unsharp photo. blurred as the hand held movement, also beautiful. and I did a little touch with digital drawing. 

twisted myth
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