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Before I speak about twisted karma from my point of view, I would like to share what karma is based on sadghuru.


the pain asks for returned.the pain counts the balance.the pain creates draft stories.karma.
karma maybe happen, maybe not.the pain maybe the source, maybe the blessed.stars shine at dark.keep it dark.until nothing to seenothing to feelnothing to hearand be shine.
desy gitary, 07 may, 2021.

When Karina Roosvita and myself began working together back in 2016, the Southern Coast of Yogyakarta, Indonesia, was going through some rapid changes. There had been a huge growth of tourism, a new international airport was being planned, and the the sand mining industry was expanding. We were keen to understand how people along the coast were...

The Twisted Myth event series and artist exchange is hosted by Indonesia based artist Karina Roosvita and UK based researcher Vicky Gerrard. Through the platform they invite creatives to explore the politics of myth.

twisted myth
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